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Our Casa Vinicola F.lli Nistri was founded in 1865 by Francesco Nistri who started a wine business in Mezzana, a suburb of the city of Prato. The company is one of the oldest realities of the Tuscanian wine sector, with very ancient origins.
The company headquarter is still located in Prato, near the very first establishment settled by the founder Francesco Nistri. However, we are currently working to move the business to a new building in the municipality of Greve in Chianti, within the Chianti Classico production area and close to our “Tenuta di Vignole” farm, located in Panzano in Chianti.

Over the last few years the company has undergone a radical change, investing in technologies and new machineries, while favoring the production and bottling of high-quality wines. The production is currently based on the selection and bottling of main Tuscan wines (Chianti, Chianti Classico, Morellino di Scansano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Maremma Toscana Doc Rosso and Doc Vermentino, Sangiovese IGT, Vermentino IGT and others) as well as Orvieto and Orvieto Classico, wines with Umbrian designation of origin.
The company also produces and bottles sweet and dessert wines.

With an area of 21 hectares, 14 of which are intended to specialized vineyards, the company's land is located along the valley of the Pesa river, better known in the Panzano area as "La Conca d'Oro" for the superior quality of the wines that originate there - with an altitude varying between 290 and 320 meters and extending on both sides of a hill facing the south-east and south-west areas.

With the support of the "Experimental Station for Sustainable Viticulture", company is now able to maintain an eco-friendly farming method, based on the principles of "naturalness and sustainability", respecting the environment. No synthetic chemicals are used: higher quality of the territory and higher quality of the wine.

The vineyard are planted and cultivated in full respect of the traditions of the Chianti Classico and the Territory of Panzano. The company has modern cellars partially built on the body of the main farmhouse (built in 1500), plus a vinification department, the so-called "vat", separated from the aging one, consisting of a cellar dug inside of the hill, suitable for its function due to the reduced seasonal temperature change.

The wines produced are therefore the result of the care and attention we put in the process that originates in the vineyard and continues in the selection of the grapes during the harvest, in the careful vinification, in the aging in barrels and barriques, all in compliance with traditions and the characteristics of the wines that are part of the best Tuscan enology.

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